interesting words

Interesting Words

7:30 PM

Abderian: adjective absurd; foolish or excessive laughter.
Agelast: noun a person who doesn't laugh
Autolatry: noun the worship of ones self.
Belgard: noun a sort of loving look.
Bumfuzzle: verb to confuse, perplex, or fluster.
Duende: noun the ability to draw someone's attention and attracting them due to your magnetism or charm.
Fard: verb to paint one's face with cosmetics.
Hypergamy: noun marrying someone above their own social standards.
Jejunator: noun a person who fasts.
Taradiddle: noun a fib; nonsense.
Snickersee: noun a large knife; to engage in a fight with knives.
Widershins: adverb counter-clock wise.

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