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"Gun Games" by Faye Kellerman

7:40 PM

Summary from goodreads:

Peter Decker and Rina Lazarus are back in this gripping mystery involving a secret cabal of some of Los Angeles' most wealthy and vicious teens.LAPD lieutenant detective Decker and his wife, Rina, have willingly welcomed fifteen-year-old Gabriel Whitman, the son of a troubled former friend, into their home. While the enigmatic teen seems to be adapting easily, Decker knows only too well the secrets adolescents keep�witnessed by the tragic suicide of another teen, Gregory Hesse, a student at Bell and Wakefield, one of the city's most exclusive prep schools.Before it's over, the case and all its terrifying ramifications will take Decker and his detectives down a dark alley of twisted allegiances and unholy alliances, culminating at a heart-stopping point of no return.

Rating: 3/5

I have mixed emotions about this book. About half of the book is about a lieutenant detective investigating what are meant to be suicides, which I absolutely loved. It was great because it really got the reader to think and wonder if they were really suicides, and if they weren't, who murdered the victims? I was really enjoying the story, only to have my whole mood towards the story ruined by the relationship between the lieutenant's foster son, Gabriel Whitman, and a girl. I should probably make it clear that not every mention of Gabriel had to do with the girl at first, but it slowly evolved into that. At first, he had things he did and enjoyed and he was looking to the future, but then this girl shows up. Soon enough, any time the foster son was mentioned, the character he likes found a way to be mentioned. It was painful for me to read, just dreadful. 
Part of the reason I was not fond of the swaying story lines was because they are complete opposite subjects. One minute I would be reading about crime, misery, and tragedy, in which I am subconsciously narrowing down solutions and pitying the dead students' mothers; then the next I am reading about an awkward relationship. It bothered me to a point where I literally had to stop reading it. I put the book down and walked away, and if I do go back to it, it would be for the sole purpose of finding out whether or not they were really suicides. I am going to give another one of the author's books a go because I really do like the writing style and the foreshadowing and the suspense. That is mainly what I thought I was getting when I started reading the book. I find a need to clarify, 'Gun Games" wasn't a bad book. In fact, it was pretty good even with the foster son's relationship,  but it just was not what I thought I was going to get out of a crime novel. If you are into reading about crime and mystery, then I suggest you read Faye Kellerman's novels.  

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