interesting words

Interesting Words Pt. 3

6:24 PM

Beeves: plural word for beef

Defenestrate: To throw something (or someone for that matter) out of a window

Deifnophobia: a fear of parties

Erinaceous: resembling a hedgehog

Finifugal: being too afraid to finish anything

Foogle: wasting time by asking unnecessary questions

Fudgel: pretending to work when, in reality you are not doing anything productive at all

Groke: to look at someone while they are eating in hopes that the just might give you some of their food

Kibitz: to interfere in someone else's business, whether it be to advise them or merely to meddle

Mondayitis: not wanting to work after a weekend

Nudiustertian: the day before yesterday

Uhtceare: waking up before dawn and not being able to go back to sleep due to worries

Whiffer: a person who walks in front of another person holding or waving around an ax in a crowd to clear the path

Zoabthropy: the a delusion a person may have that he or she has turned into an animal

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