Words to Describe a Person's Voice

5:27 PM

A Few Words to Describe a Person's Voice:

Brittle: if a person is speaking in a brittle voice, it sounds as if they are about to cry.

Croaking: rough and/or hoarse

Disembodied: a disembodied voice comes from a person you can't see.

Droning: boring, monotoned.

Fruity: deep and strong in a welcoming or pleasant way.

Gravelly/Gruff: a low and rough voice.

Guttural: extremely low voice.

Honeyed: a nice voice but when the person speaks there is a hint of dishonesty in their voice.

Rasping: a gravelly whisper.

Shrill: a loud, high, and unpleasant sound or voice.

Silvery: clear, light, and pleasant.

Taut: nervous or angry.

Tight: nervous or annoyed.

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  1. Hello Rola ! I found your blog through the book blogger list and liked the title immensely so decided to check it out ... and am glad I did it ! Its a nice serene blog and this post is great ... I'll love to think my voice as 'silvery' though my kids will vouch for shrill I guess :P Nice to be here :) wishes n regards... Happy Blogging :)