Is German Better Than English?

10:12 PM

Recently, I've been stumbling upon German words which do not directly translate to English (but it would really help every english speaker to better express themselves if they did), and shortly after I came across some very unique phrases Germans use, so this post is going to be dedicated to sharing my discoveries. Prepare yourselves.

German Words:

1) Kummerspeck (noun): It literally means 'grief bacon'. Basically, it means emotional overeating.

2) Weltschmerz (noun): The feeling of depression, grief, or disappointment caused by the difference between reality and an idealistic life and realizing your perfect fantasy world will always remain a fantasy.

3) Fremdsh√§men (noun): Second-hand embarrassment on steroids. 

4) Backpfeifengesicht (noun): Disrespectful, moronic, unappreciative individuals who lack common sense and will probably never have any common sense unless someone physically slaps them with it.

5) Treppenwitz (noun): Having something to say when it's too late. For example, coming up with a good comeback to an argument that happened approximately 3 years ago.

6) Hanschuh (noun): This does have an english word, and that word is gloves. But the great thing about this word is that it literally translates into hand shoes. The creativity is mind blowing.

7) Tote hose (noun): Literally means dead trousers. In context, it means when a situation is generally boring and nothing interesting is happening.

German Phrases:

1) Das ist mir wurst: Used to portray that a person doesn't particularly care for something, but it literally means "This is sausage to me".

2) Hast du Tomaten auf den Augen: It means - Do you have tomatoes in your eyes? This phrase is usually directed at people who are not seeing or refuse to see the obvious.

3) Holla die Walfdee: Used to express surprise. Literally means "Holla the forest fairy".

So is German better than English? Probably.

*Note: I am not German, so if any of this is wrong feel free to correct me.

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