j.k. rowling

The Book So Far: The Casual Vacancy - by J.K. Rowling

8:13 PM

The Casual Vacancy is slow. The main plot of the story revolves around a feud between two towns, so you would expect as much. But on top of it being slow, there really isn't much to keep you engaged in the story. None of the characters are likable, the plot is somewhat dry, and the writing doesn't really have a voice that keeps you interested. 

Despite all that,  there is no denying the skilled writing. True, it may not keep you fully engaged, but the diction and the syntax and the execution seemed like they were all planned. For example, the introduction of the book was a lot darker than the rest and with that was a lot of suspense and foreshadowing. There was also a shift from formal language to colloquialism  and back to formal which, although annoying at first, is a trait that becomes more appreciated later on. There were other small nuances as well in these first hundred pages of the book such as different personalities who were sometimes round and other times flat, etc.

The book, in theory, is interesting. But in actual writing, it's boring. However, I know J.K. Rowling generally focuses more on character development than she does on plot development, but the character development is usually worth the wait in the end. For this reason, I will push on and try with every fiber in my being to finish this book. 

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