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Why I'm Skeptical of the 'Looking for Alaska' Movie Adaption

3:29 PM

Hear me out. I read Looking for Alaska and I thought it was great as a literary piece. There was character development, plot twists, imagery, charaterization; the list could go on for pages. As I was reading, however, I could not help but realize how awkward it was. Again, it was a great book. But it was from the point of view of Pudge, the main and insanely awkward protagonist, and as a reader I felt for him. I felt what he felt, and what he felt was simply awkward. There were some parts of the book in which I literally cringed because of how uncomfortable I was. To be honest, I actually think making the reader feel exactly what the characters felt was a major success on John Green's part. The entire book was so real, which to me, only added to the discomfort because of the nature of the book.

      So, basically, what I am saying is that while Looking for Alaska was a successful book to me, and I enjoyed the story, I just can not imagine it being turned into a movie. I personally feel like if they do make a movie adaption for it, a lot of the scenes would have to be changed from "cringe-y" and awkward to a bit more humorous. I just don't know how that would work out. Looking for Alaska had such real characters in the sense that they were awkward, and if they use that trait and turn it into humor, I feel like it would lose a lot of what I thought made the story worth reading. On top of the realistic-ness of the story being sacrificed, there is such an unexpected ending to the story. As a movie, I am not sure how well the awkwardness (or if it's replaced, its humor) and the tragic ending would go together.

I personally think the movie adaption of this certain book will either a huge success or quite the opposite. I don't really see a middle ground here, but I might be proven wrong.

     With that being said, I have to say I am I am tremendously excited for the Paper Towns movie adaption (if it does happen).

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