rafael sabatini

The Book So Far: Scaramouche by Rafael Sabatini

4:29 PM

For my World History class, I was given an assignment to read a book about the French Revolution, which is why I am currently reading Scaramouche. In all honesty, I did not think I would enjoy reading this particular book mainly because I am not a fan of 'political' books. I have to say, however, I was pleasantly surprised. 
Scaramouche is a fictional story about a man who wants vengeance against the aristocrat who killed his friend. Rather than being a book  about the French Revolution made interesting by a fictional story, Scaramouche is (so far) a story made beneficial by throwing in facts about the French Revolution. It truly feels as if I am reading a book I picked up at the library for its adventure, not a book I was assigned to read for history class. 
Rafael Sabatini is an extremely talented writer in terms of educating his readers while entertaining them with an interesting plot. But I must say,  Scaramouche is not the easiest book to read. I had to read some of the sentences multiple times, either because it had words that are not used in modern day language or because it was extremely long and there was too much happening to be able  to understand it the first time.  
I am really excited to finish the book and see how it ends. So far, I would recommend this book if you would like to read about the French Revolution in an interesting way. 

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